For me, with any of the successful long term fat loss stories I’ve had, loving your body is a huge milestone that you need to go through in order to make a change to your body.

We make positive changes from feelings of love not hate. If I’m meeting a new client for the first time and they love their body I know I’m going to get whatever results they desire far far quicker than someone riddled with self loathing. That’s not to say I can’t help someone who is stuck hating the person they see in the mirror but we need to find some positivity first.

Now having built a business on this premise for nearly 7 years naturally the body positive movement has caught my eye.

Body positivity is a social and political movement born out of body acceptance, and aiming to promote the inclusion of marginalised bodies.

The Body positive movement has grown rapidly, there are 3.5M posts on instagram alone. It’s generally been really popular with all factions, but I was really surprised to see some negative feedback from the fitness industry. There seems to be a slight fear that loving your body and feeling confident will drive less people through our doors and perhaps a fear that we will get less business and even a fear that it will lead to more people leading unhealthy lives.

Loving your body and being body positive is not a substitute for going to the gym, and living a healthy lifestyle. A person who gains confidence through the movement is much MORE likely to be in a good mental state to want to join the gym.

Gyms can be fantastically scary places if you lack self confidence. I’ve seen it hundreds of times in my years in the industry, the perception people have of a gym or of Fitness professions can be way off. They often think we are all skinny and in great shape, clean eating health freaks and worst of all fat shamers.

I admit that fitness professionals can be a bit blinkered some times especially in the early parts of their career, having seen so many people who are unhappy with their body’s and desperately seeking change we get a little used to taking orders for 6 packs and toned legs and arms.  I’ve dealt with complaints where the Personal Trainer has started talking about fat loss tips before the person has actually said that they want to lose weight. I fully realise that this is really offensive, but it’s the product of an industry that sells to frequently on people’s self doubt. It’s the biggest thing that I hope changes in the fitness industry over the next few years.

The vast majority of Personal Trainers are in this industry because they want to help people. The stereo type of a militant muscle bound meat head taking pleasure from screaming at people and making them cry has never been a reality. We all love fitness and live our lives with motos like ‘health is wealth’. We want to share our passion with anyone who’ll listen and we want the best for our clients.

I’ve built a business in a commercial gym being all inclusive, judgement free and body positive. I’ve always let the client lead their goals and tell me how they look and feel. It’s never been my job to tell someone what size, or weight they should be.

They give me the problem and I give them the solution. It’s as simple as that. Now that I have my own studio I can offer a much less scary environment for people to have a really positive fitness experience and build their confidence very rapidly.

Body positivity is great for us as Personal Trainers. It is inspiring people to gain the confidence they need to come and see us, and then we get to have a role in their continued journey to love themselves.

If you have wanted to join a gym but always thought it a scary place please take advantage of my introductory offer and come and see me for a complimentary consultation and we can chat about what I can do for you.