Meet the team


Power Yoga teacher

Hi, I’m Bea and I teach Power Yoga for all abilities in a small group format at PinkPT.

My training as a Power Yoga teacher allows me to teach both complete beginners and more advanced students.

Power Yoga was initially developed for athletes and is a high-energy, flowing style of yoga. PinkPT is a great place to teach because of the small group format, which enables me to share the fundamentals of yoga to beginners, but also allows me to “step it up a gear” for the more regular members of the studio who are looking to get their heart beating and their muscles burning! Power Yoga is both a workout and a work in. Through powerful asana and uplifting music, my classes are both physically and mentally challenging. I weave thought and meaning into my teaching, so that you leave feeling energised, inspired and empowered.

For me, I’ve been in love with Yoga for most of my life.  One of my earliest memories of this thing they call “yoga” was watching her Mum lying down on the floor, arms either side of her body, palms facing upwards, eyes closed. Little did I know that this was one of yoga’s most important poses, savasana. 

I remember watching yoga videos (not DVDs!) and practicing sun salutations from books propped up on my bedroom windowsill, not fully understanding what I was doing, but just knowing that it felt GOOD!

As my love for yoga steadily grew, I went on to complete The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Level 1, attend numerous yoga retreats in both UK and India, and read every yoga-related book I could get her hands on.

I thought about teaching yoga for several years, but never thought I was “good enough” because I couldn’t kick straight up into a handstand.

In December 2018, I attended a Power Flow class at The House of Yoga in Putney. 90 minutes of physical yoga in 30 degree heat. Muscles burning, part of me wished for it to be over, but I felt more alive than ever, and that was when I knew it was time to take the plunge!

I then spent 7 intense months training to be a Power Vinyasa yoga teacher with The House of Yoga so that I could share this experience with others. I went on to complete their Accelerated Development teaching and coaching programme.

‘Power yoga’ at PinkPT runs every Thursday at 8pm. Whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, or never tried yoga before I’d love to have you along.  Follow the link on the ‘contact’ page and book in. 


Small group exercise instructor

Hey – I’m Thymian. I teach weighted circuits on a ‪Wednesday evening at 8pm. I also work as a cover teacher for both ‘lift, carry, throw’ and ‘HIIT’.

As a kid I did ballet for around 13 years until I had an issue with my back at 16 I had an operation on my spine to correct severe scoliosis. After the op, I wanted to get back into feeling fit but had lost a lot of confidence in my self-image. I joined the gym with the aim of getting a bikini body and improving my self-esteem. I started off not knowing what I was doing which resulted in me doing a lot of tedious cardio, which I didn’t enjoy nor did it do anything for my body. I was then introduced to the idea of weight training, intimidated at first, I started slow and learned what I could.

I found the traditional cardio training rather dull and still do.  I don’t have the attention span to stick myself on a treadmill for 40 mins – and unless your goals are around cardio events (10ks etc) it’s not the most beneficial form of exercise.  which is why weights, weighted circuits and HIIT appeal to me

In those early days fell in love with squatting! So much so that I persued a career in fitness, starting work as a receptionist at Virgin Active and got myself on a Personal Training course.  I worked as a fitness coach for over a year and I loved teaching weights classes and interacting with the members. I was then promoted to the role of personal trainer and I specialised in weight training with my clients, often with an aesthetic goal in mind. My favourite thing about being a personal trainer is the personal side of it.  That’s why the role at PinkPT appealed to me.  The small group classes are capped at 8 per class and it means that I can really get to know the members.  I like to make sure my clients leave our sessions feeling they have achieved something and gained confidence in the process. I like that my class members  look forward to our sessions each week and don’t see it as a tiresome chore!

I prefer the structure to weight training and the sense of feeling strong after a weight’s session! Weights based circuits are a great way to get a high intensity speedier work out, whilst building muscle, gaining strength and toning up.

Come down to join my weights circuit class on Wednesdays ‪at 8pm, you’ll leave feeling fitter and happier!


Small group exercise instructor

Hi, I’m Fernando and I teach a weekly small group strength and conditioning class for Cheam Ladies Hockey Club at PinkPT and I cover ‘lift, carry, throw’ and ‘HIIT’.  


I was born in Venezuela, raised in Spain, I started my professional career as a Coach 5 years ago here in the UK working for one of the very well-known Virgin Active Health Clubs.

In a nutshell, through my classes I create a safe place for people to learn because they know I will not let them fall. 

It’s fairly straightforward to deliver a ‘HIIT’ class that leaves the participants well worked, and invigorated, but I like to go a step further and add some real value to their movement as well.  Stepping beyond the basic planes of motion that are most prevalent in larger sized HIIT classes, exercise DVDs and mass market fitness products.  The small group nature of my classes at PinkPT allow me to do that, offering a lot of personal coaching within the class and giving me the the scope to move with the fitness levels, and movement preferences of the class. 

My approach is treating the participants as my “learners” where I can teach, guide and show them how to move, feel, think and execute better in the field or on a daily basis, creating sustainable benefits and hopefully behavioural changes. The body moves as a 3 dimensional mechanism where it can receive and distribute forces around the body from all different angles, my aim as a Professional Coach is to help and guide them become more aware of these forces through complex specific movement patterns delivered on a very dynamic structured class.

 I am less concerned about following the class religiously but rather more focused on making sure the learning objectives and exercises are understood and achieved. It’s not about just delivering the class but rather equipping people with all the skills they can use day to day, in sports or in life.

Movement & Biomechanics Specialist

Functional Strength

Sport Specific & Performance training

Corrective Exercises

Sport Massage Therapist

Weight Loss