Matthew Hill

Holistic Personal Trainer

Specialising in:

  • Fat loss

  • Lifestyle balance

  • Movement

  • Pre/post natal

  • And Rehabilitation

I use a mixture of skill development and performance training to hit any goal.

Most people are skillful in a few exercises and movements but they need to develop a few more to hit their goals. I will push you hard on the exercises you are good at and help you rapidly improve your technique on the exercises and movements that you aren’t so good at.

Very quickly you will become:

More flexible
More skillful

Using a mixture of the two will mean that the amount of work we can put in while at the gym for that goal will go up and up each session/week/month (so will the number of calories burned, or the amount of muscle we can build or the positive impact we can have on an injury will increase).

When we get in the studio sometimes we keep it simple other times we get creative, it’s all down to you.

I generally have the most success in the following areas:

Fat loss and weight management

Selecting a diet and exercise strategy that fits your individual lifestyle so that we can get quick and sustainable results. Utilising a variety of training methods that will make your sessions fun and challenging.


Using performance training to take your muscles to failure, so that they grow back bigger and stronger. Adding muscle to your frame targeting your key areas.

 Training for mothers

Functional strength to meet the demands of motherhood along with rehab for the core and pelvic floor.

Rehab through movement

Fixing you myself for minor issues and working with manual therapists for more serious injuries.

I come from a sports background.  I played hockey to a high level until 2015 when I took up Rugby.  I am currently playing Rugby at Wimbledon Rugby club.  I came into the industry through that route but a lot has changed since then. 

I started as a PT in 2010 mainly delivering HIIT sessions.  Very quickly I realised there was more to Personal Training than just beating people into the ground. 


Every person I see has a different skill level and a different set of barriers.

We all move differently, store fat differently and build muscle differently.  As a Mathematics graduate, problem solving has always been a passion/obsession of mine and it’s this element of PT that interests me the most. 

To take a client with a number of time and energy demands in their life that has a physical goal they want to achieve and give them a balanced training routine factoring in their skill level, and various other variables to give them very easy solutions to what seems like a complex problem.

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