Holistic Personal Training is the term that most accurately describes what we get up to at Pink PT  here in Wimbledon.

Holistic is literally defined as looking at the whole of something treating it as the sum of its parts. In our case this is the client in front of us. If someone has a simple goal like fat loss then the solution is rarely simple. If they just had to eat less and train more than no one would need a Personal Trainer.

Every goal has a large number of variables that feed into the equation. By looking at the bigger picture we can include all of these variables and find unique solutions to your unique problems. This will save you hours and hours of wasted energy trying to follow what worked for your friend, a friend who solved their own unique problems that aren’t the same as yours.

The name Holistic Personal Training is often associated with Yoga, Pilates, Spiritual heeling and alternative medicine. Without knowing a huge amount about any of those things I understand that it is what they are all trying to achieve but the holistic PT world isn’t limited to them. For some people we are going to advise doing HIIT training and lifting heavy weights along with traditional diets, they can be great for stress relief, for fat loss and have a positive effects on hormones and some times simply cutting calories (for fat loss) is the best solution. For other people we will start slow and build up the skills needed to exercise to ensure they don’t get injured, develop a nutritional routine that is sustainable and can yield results in the long term, making good choices a habit.

I am always fully aware that the client in front of me is unique and unlike any client I have seen before or will work with again. Everything we do will have that concept at it’s core.


Holistic Personal Training is for you if:

  • You’ve ever tried and failed a diet or exercise routine

  • You want to train hard but often get pain or injury

  • You have more than one goal

  • You hate working out or dieting

  • You have a barrier to diet or exercise that you are struggling with on your own

  • You have a high stress lifestyle (usually to do with work or parenthood)

  • You have physical health issues

  • You have mental health issues

  • You have no starting point and need educating in where to start

Matthew Hill

Pink PT
Wimbledon Personal Training