Fat Loss

Like with everything I do for my clients it has to be Personal to the individual.  What worked for a friend may not work for you, they probably had a different set of problems that they solved and got results.

Laws of thermodynamics govern fat loss and we will need to ensure that calories consumed is less than calories expended.  This however is a very complex equation, many nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors feed into this equation on both sides.  The best way for you as an individual to lose weight may be to actually increase the amount you eat, to restore hormonal balance and with it health and metabolism for others it may be the types of food consumed or even the type of exercise.

“When I started training with Matt, I weighed around 270 lbs, and was terribly unfit. Through a combination of diet and training, we reduced my weight to 192 lbs in under a year, and totally transformed my body shape.”

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There is no one size fits all approach to diet and exercise, no matter how much the inventors of diets and exercise routines want you to believe that.

Every food, and every exercise out there is a tool in our tool box to help you lose weight and be fitter and healthier.  We decide which tools are right for you.

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