Pregnancy and postnatal

The thing that I love most about training pregnant ladies and new mothers is how much of an impact I can have on their lives.  Really from the moment you get pregnant till about the time you send your child off to school the focus is all about the kids.  It’s amazing how 1 or 2 hours a week with a Personal Trainer can help create balance.

Every mother is different and has a different set of issues.  Some of the key ones could be:

Damaged and weakened core and pelvic floor

Back pain

Disrupted sleep

Low energy

Struggling to lose weight

“…I have since found that my energy levels have risen and my “trouble” areas are beginning to disappear. In addition, my body shape has also changed, much to my amazement…”

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Benefits of training through your pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy has been found to:

Reduce risk of pregnancy complications

Risk of gestational diabetes drops significantly, ladies that train through pregnancy also have much less chance of needing an emergency c-section.

Easier delivery, shorter and less painful

Training through pregnancy is very likely to lead to a quicker and less painful delivery due to being stronger and in better health at the point of delivery.

Faster recovery after delivery

Post childbirth there is a huge physical demand on a new mother. Often having to conduct a whole range of household chores carrying a baby in one arm that starts around 8lbs and gets heavier very quickly. The more you increase your pregnancy fitness, the faster you’ll recover physically after childbirth, the more fit you’ll be after delivery.

Happy hormones

It’s common knowledge that exercise increases endorphins in the brain and make us feel happy after working out. It’s also common knowledge that most mothers tend to suffer to some degree with the baby blues either during pregnancy or straight after. Exercise can be a really effective medicine to combat pregnancy related depression (and any depression).

Lower blood pressure

Being fitter can help stave off preeclampsia and keep blood pressure within a safe range.

Lead to less back pain

Stress on the back and core muscles is pretty high during pregnancy, it’s really important to exercise in order to keep strong and prevent back pain and stop any serious back issues arising.

Improved energy levels

Exercising can be tiring at the time but the knock on effect of overall energy levels can be quite dramatic.

Improve sleep

While many pregnant women report having a harder time falling asleep, those who exercise consistently tend to improve the quality of their sleep and wake up feeling more rested.

Relieve constipation and other digestive issues

Movement and activity, along with controlled exercise of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles can ensure the whole digestive system works efficiently and stops any common pregnancy related issues of the digestive process.

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