In line with the new government measures around Covid 19, PinkPT is open for business.

To celebrate we are offering two free sessions for all new members and discounted rates till the end of the year*.

*The first free session must be booked in by the end of August and the second has a 14 day expiry from the first.

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We open with the following measures in place to protect all its visitors:

  •  2 metre social distancing in place at all times between the PT and the client.
  • A five minute turn around a the end of sessions so that clients are able to maintain a 2 metre social distancing from each other as well
  • Every piece of equipment that has been used in each session is cleaned thoroughly at the end of the session along with door handles, taps etc
  • Deep cleaning at the end of every day
  • Everyone intending on visiting the premises must be symptom free for the required amount of time and to have not come into contact with anyone that has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19 in the last two weeks
  • Those at higher risk from Covid 19 attend at their own risk.For any other information or to request any other special arrangements to facilitate your training please get in touch on the ‘contact us’ link below
  • Classes are limited to 2 people
  • Class attendees have half a studio each to exercise in and maintain a 5 meter distance from each other
  • No shared equipment
  • Sanitisers on hand at all times
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